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New Study Indicates Testosterone Therapy Linked to Increase Risk to Heart Attack and Stroke. Possible FDA Recall of Testosterone Therapy to Follow?

A recent study indicates there is a possible link between Testosterone therapy and an increased risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes and possibly death in men. Testosterone therapy is sold under brand names like AndroGel, Axiron, Fortesta, Striant, and Testrim. Early reports say that Testosterone creams are linked to this increase. Further Testosterone studies will be done over the coming year to confirm these reports. Should the Testosterone Therapy studies prove to be correct it is possible that the FDA will issue a full Testosterone Therapy Recall of these type of products. In the past, FDA recall of Pharmaceutical drugs have lead to massive Class Action lawsuits. It is advised that if you have in fact suffered a Heart Attack and/or stroke and have prescribed Testosterone therapy, you should contact a Testosterone Therapy lawyer as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation due to Testosterone Therapy. Every Testosterone Therapy is different so it is advised that you contact our attorneys for a free case evaluation.

Breaking 2/18 - New Study May Link Testosterone Therapy to Heart Attack Risk

Add the U.S. National Institute on Aging of studies that may be linking popular "Low T" Treatment drugs like AndroGel to increased risks of Heart Attack, Stroke and other heart related side effects. According to recent reports they will release they results of their independent study related to all Low Testosterone products. Read more about this new Testosterone Therapy study.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Options

Some would advise that by contacting an Testosterone Therapy lawyer now and filing a Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit will be advantageous in terms of your recovery. It's been said that "bellwether trials" that occur early in a class action receive the most in terms of compensation.

Heart Attack Caused By TestosteroneIn terms of the actual study, out of approx 8,000 men whom partipated in the study, the rates heart attacks and strokes were almost 30% higher in the group of men who had received testosterone therapy compared with those who had not. This has alerted physicians and medical professionals that there could possibly be an increased danger in prescribing Testosterone based on these alarming results.

There has been much debate as to the actual benefits of Testosterone Therapy in the news. Many critizes the pharmaceutical companies for drumming up a huge industry for a treatment that may not have any real value to it's patients. There are countless number of advertisments for "Low T" in men with claims that Testosterone creams will work miracles. "Low T" or Low Testosterone isn't a recognized medical issue until the levels of Testosterone become very, very low caused by hypogonadism or hormonal deficiencies.

Before you make changes in your medical treatment one should always first consult a doctor. If you or someone you love have suffered a heart attack or stroke while under or after Testosterone Therapy, you should contact an Testosterone Therapy Lawyer as soon as possible. Due to Testosterone Therapy side effects you may qualify for compensation.

Will the FDA Recall Testosterone Therapy?

With the recent reports of Testosterone Therapy being linked to Heart Attack and Strokes, it is entirely possible the FDA will consider recalling the drug. In will take months to years for further testing to be conducted before the FDA will ultimately decide on a total recall of Testosterone Therapy drugs. The study that links Testosterone Therapy to serious side effects (including death) in the Journal of the American Medical Association is only start of medical testing that will decide if these potientally serious drugs should be pulled off the market. If you currently are under Testosterone Therapy and feel any side effects from these drugs it is advised that you should contact your doctor immediately regarding your situation.

Will a Recall Spark a Testosterone Therapy Class Action Lawsuit?

At this time it should be noted that there are NO Testosterone Therapy Class Action Lawsuits. However, it is possible if the FDA issues a mass recall of Testosterone Therapy drugs it will increase the likelihood that a Testosterone Therapy Class Action lawsuit will occur. There will be many issues that will need to be resolved in order for a Testosterone Therapy Class Action lawsuit to occur. Those variables are the same for the chances that a Testosterone Therapy MDL (Multi District Litigation) will be filed. Again, studies suggest that victims of Testosterone Therapy side effects should contact an attorney sooner rather than later to increase the ammount of compensation they are awarded. There are no shortage of examples of previous drug studies, similar to these of Testosterone Therapy drugs which have been 1) studied 2) recalled and thus resulted in a nationwide class action litigation.

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